Black Crystal is a project born in 2018, from the creative mind of Nicola Ragni and Daniele Nocent.

Bright as Crystal, Black as the Abyss...

We try to bring to light the darkness, the deepest point inside us, giving it a shape, making it shine, and making it visible to the world around us.

At Black Crystal we believe that
the use of this material is a meaning to deepen one's sensorial and emotional experience, extending its subcultural meaning to the next level, making it a lifestyle and making it one's own.


Bold colours, couture cuts, research and attention to details are some of our distinctive features.

Our collections are like tales, and some are part of journeys, in which over the years we insert additions with new garments or accessories.

Ours is a sustainable approach, so you won't find summer or winter collections here.

What we want to represent has no expiration date...


Years of experience at some of the most famous Italian and international Haute Couture Atelier, were the foundations that made
that our technical skills aim to create a premium quality product. Ours is a commitment that leads us to pay attention to the stimuli of the world around us, and in the accurate and constant research of the highest quality materials, purchasing only from the best suppliers of raw materials and accessories, in order to propose innovative and tailor-made concepts on measure of each.


In this project, Italian tradition meets innovation , and creations with an exclusive and inimitable design take shape, sometimes embellished with hand embroidery, creating a fusion between the sensual world of latex and Haute Couture embroidery, but not only...


Each garment, or accessory, is made entirely by hand in Italy, in our studio in Rome.

We love perfection and pay attention to detail, and the satisfaction of our customers is our priority. This takes time, so our waiting time varies from two to seven weeks.


One of our most requested services is the creation of unique designs, designed for each. If you also want a design that tells about your personality, contact us, we will guide you in choosing every single detail.

Creating something unique, made especially for you, is possible with us.


Discover our collections, and immerse yourself in the Black Crystal world!

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